Learning Moments With My Toddler pt 1

This blog by a new friend has just really touched me! I really needed to hear these words today and I thank God that He has brought this post to my eyes!

The Special Life of US


I call this part 1 because I know there will be many more to come.

Children by nature are so accepting and so loving! But in their curious nature they can point things out and begin to make observations about things and people around them.

Vienna is no exception.

At age 4, she is very interested in finding out about everyone and everything. To be honest, she thinks her sister is just a ” little baby” still and doesn’t necessarily realize that her sister has a disability.

We were sitting at church and there was this little girl, probably 12 months or even younger, wobbling around in the courtyard. I thought nothing of it, other than how cute she was!

Vienna on the other hand was like, “MOM!! LOOK! That little baby girl is walking!” I nodded and said “Yeah, she’s walking pretty fast! That’s how you were when you were…

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